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Welcome to ProSense project web site!


THEME Cooperation


European Commission/Research/Regional Aspects of FP7

ProSense: Promote, Mobilize, Reinforce and Integrate Wireless Sensor Networking Research and Researchers: Towards Pervasive Networking of West Balkan Countries and the EU

(Grant agreement no.: 205494)

The overall objective of the ProSense project is to improve the research potential and capability of research centres in Skopje (FEEIT) and Belgrade (ETF) and to develop them into wireless sensor networking centres of excellence capable of driving the research agenda and serving as a seed for development of other similar centres in the region.

Two use cases, one for each WBC centre, have been selected as particularly interesting and beneficial for the WBC region:

  • Personal health monitoring systems (including systems for support of independent living) and
  • Emergency/disaster recovery applications.
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